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U.S.S. Starship Treehouse
Chapter V

Timothy made the all-important announcement at breakfast. "I’m ready, Grandma," Timothy said. "Do you guys want to come with me? I could use a good crew." Grandma looked at Timothy. She could see he was all business.

"Count me in," replied Grandma."Would you like me to bring along some food supplies?" she inquired. Timothy thought for a moment and then nodded. "Well, we’ve got a food synthesizer on board," he said, "but it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra stuff with us. Cookies might be nice," he suggested hopefully.

"I was thinking more along the lines of some fruit," said Grandma.

"How about fruit and cookies?" offered Timothy.

"It's a deal," said Grandma. Grandma turned to Amanda. "How about you, dear?" she inquired. "Are you ready to explore other worlds?"

"Cool!" said Amanda. "Absolutely! Can Mr. Sam Cat go with us?" she asked, gesturing towards her breakfast companion.


Timothy looked over at Sam Cat who sat in his own chair, happily savoring a slice of bacon.

"No cats," said Timothy.

Sam Cat dropped the bacon and cast a worried glance up at Timothy’s Grandmother.

"Just kidding," said Timothy. "Actually, Sam has to go or we’ll violate the first rule in the book of 'How Things Work'."

"Huh??" said Amanda. "What rule?"

"The rule that says interplanetary explorers must always include a cat named Sam as one of their crew members," Timothy replied.

"What’s he talking about???" said Amanda to Sam Cat who was busily nodding in agreement with the rule.

"Oh yes indeed," said Grandma. "There’s a section in the book that says exactly that."

"What book? The silver one you’re reading all the time?," asked Amanda. "The one about "How Things Work?" It really says that? May I see?"

Grandma looked at Timothy and nodded. Timothy skipped out the back door, heading for the rope ladder. A few moments later he came back through the kitchen door and sat down at the table, handing the book to Amanda. "Here it is," he said. Sure enough, there was a whole chapter entitled "Interplanetary Travel and The Importance of Taking a Cat Named Sam With You."

"Remarkable," marveled Amanda, shaking her head. "Good thing we have a cat named Sam living here."

"No kidding," thought Sam, as he went back to his bacon.

"What time would you like to leave, dear?" Grandma inquired of Timothy. "How about after lunch?"Timothy suggested.

"Hmmm," said Grandma. "You know, it might not be a bad idea to leave after dark, so that we don’t startle the neighbors. Starships are still rather new in this part of the world you know."

"OK," agreed Timothy. "That makes sense."

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