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So many sisters had Molly Brown;
Upstairs and downstairs,
and all over town.

Sisters in cupboards,
sisters in books;
Sisters in corners
and crannies and nooks.

Sisters in closets
and under the stair;
Sisters in bathrooms,
combing their hair.

So many sisters had Molly Brown;
Upstairs and downstairs,
and all over town.

"I don't have a place
to call my own!
I wish they would all
just leave me alone!"

"My sisters are driving me
CRAZY I say!
I wish they would all
just GO AWAY!"

So many sisters had Molly Brown;
Upstairs and downstairs,
and all over town.

But one day when Molly
woke up to say;
"Be quiet! Please move!
Get out of my way!"

There was no one around
to hear her protest!
"Maybe they packed up,
and all moved out West !"

No more sisters
had Molly Brown;
None upstairs...
None downstairs...
Nor all over town.

"Hooray!" Molly cried,
"I'm here all alone!
Finally some space
I can call my own!"

Molly Brown danced
around and around;
Except for her feet,
there wasn't a sound.

But when Molly Brown stopped
to think a bit;
She wasn't quite sure what
to make of it.

She remembered that silence
is golden, they say...
But she wasn't quite sure
that she liked things this way!

"There's nobody here
to dance with me!
No one to share cookies
or biscuits and tea!"

"Nobody around to play
hopscotch and dolls!
Nobody to go
to the park or the malls!"

"If silence is golden,
then why am I blue?
I miss all my sisters!
I miss them, I do!"

"I want them all back
and I want them right now!
I must find my sisters,

Now Molly was crying
and pacing the hall;
"I wish I'd not wished them
away at all!"

Then in the next moment,
perhaps it was two;
Young Molly heard sounds...

The next thing she knew
there were two-dozen more!
Then all of her sisters
burst through the door!

"We're sorry dear sister,
for causing you pain!
We promise we'll never
leave you again!"

So many sisters had Molly Brown;
Upstairs and downstairs, and all over town...
My sisters are driving me
CRAZY I say!
But don't worry, I think
I may like it that way!


The Many Sisters of Molly Brown
Story & Illustrations By Dyan Reynolds
Copyright 1998

About the Author/Illustrator: Dyan Reynolds writes stories and draws pictures for her children and for her family across the country. She is the proud mother of 4 (three boys and a girl) and tells us she is owned by a Great Dane named Molly. Although Dyan now lives in Cincinnati, she was brought up in San Diego, where her second grade teacher was perceptive enough to recognize her talent. They've kept in touch over the years, and the teacher continually encouraged Dyan to keep up with her writing. Dyan has an office at home, she builds web sites, and when she has a spare moment, she also likes to play the piano, draw, or read. Dyan's clever illustrations can also be found on her rhyming story "Tidy Ted", the whimsical tale of a pig who enjoys being neat and clean. Unfortunately, Tidy Ted' classmates are total pigs. Be sure to check it out. Send E-mail to Dyan Reynolds

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