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(Oh, alright.....go ahead).

Ah, sleep. I'm feeling so tired after today. We had chips at tea time, and Tom came round to play. But now I'm snuggled up with my favourite toys. The last thing I need is a very loud noise.

What was that ?

In the dark...I'm feeling so scared.

I'd best reason it out.....(I'd get up if I dared ...) .

PERHAPS... it's King Kong, letting loose with a pong.

But surely he'd know that's so terribly wrong.

PERHAPS... there's a giraffe splashing about in the bath, with both of the taps turned up to full power. But why would a giraffe splash about in the bath?
Were I that giraffe, I'd be using the shower.

PERHAPS... it's some eels, whizzing by on skate wheels, being chased by some seals, and the noise is the squeals, as the seals catch the wheels, sending slippery green eels flying head over heels. Mmmmmmmm, meals !

PERHAPS... it's cadre of small coatimundi, who've lost track of time, and think today's Sunday, mistaking church steps for the base of our stairs... (where they're singing their hymns, and all saying their prayers).'s a lion, who's burnt himself on Mum's iron.

PERHAPS... a small ghost sits downstairs gobbling toast, and she's slurping each marmalade, picking ones she likes most..

PERHAPS...we've got
a moose on the loose. He's thirsty for drink, and hungry for nosh. Won't give up til he finds either juice, or some squash.

PERHAPS...there's a dog perched on top of the cupboard, who just couldn't wait for Old Mother Hubbard, helped herself to a sandwich with something so smelly on ...

... oh good grief, never mind, Dad's asleep with the telly on !


PERHAPS... - By Stephen Sheen - Copyright 1999
All Rights Reserved

About The Author/Illustrator:
Stephen Sheen
, a resident of Birmingham, England, is a professional writer of technical textbooks and manuals. He has an alternative full-time career as an uncle to six nephews and four nieces. Between times practising his acrobatic skills, (none of the ten children can quite yet top his one-handed cartwheel), honing his reaction times for computer pinball games, and ferrying consignments of little people to the seaside, Stephen writes and illustrates these clever tales. His remaining ambition in life, he tells Bedtime-Story, is to have his own babies to read stories to. Steven Sheen will soon have other tales featured at Bedtime-Story. You'll find them listed under his name on the Author/Illustrator page. You may contact him at h

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