This was like watching a scene from “The Emperor’s New Clothes” where talking heads and “journalists” all said “HOORAY! Isn’t this amazing? It’s WONDERFUL!” without doing even cursory homework for facts readily available, or perhaps being unwilling to risk attacks for being honest.

“The exit poll was subsequently adjusted*

for conformity with the final computerized vote count.”

THE 2020 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY WAS RIGGED. *Electoral fraud, sometimes referred to as election fraud, election manipulation or vote rigging, is illegal interference with the process of an election, either by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both.

States which had been projected to expect large Sanders wins, corresponded with raw data on exit polls confirming the expected Sanders wins.

Computerized vote counts however, showed very large Biden wins. The DNC accepted computer vote counts and CHANGED NUMBERS on exit polls to suggest that Biden won.





"Most Sanders supporters can be expected to vote for Mr. Biden, if only as the vehicle for ousting President Donald Trump." - CSMonitor

No, my dear, they won't. Unless Trump's insanity worsens...

As in 2016, the DNC has once again actively engaged in primary rigging, and there is an abundance of hard proof.

Nobody in mainstream media has the will to cover it, of course.

Historically speaking it was actually a fascinating turn of events.
Both Republicans and Democrats had the exact same goal; prevent the one candidate who doesn't lie, can't be bought, and represents no-one but the 99%, from being elected.
Were it not heartbreaking, it would almost be funny.

Both parties approached the challenge simultaneously, but from different directions.
Republicans chose the simpler route. It was actually legal. Operation Chaos 2020 called upon willing participants to overwhelm open primary states and vote for the weakest Democratic candidate to elevate him in the polls, thus making it easier for Trump to win.

At first the instigators thought that the weaker candidate would be Sanders and there was talk about specifically voting for him. But Republicans quickly realized that the real threat came from Bernie so they quickly modified instructions from "vote for Bernie to take down Biden" to "vote for whoever is the weakest Democratic candidate at the time of voting."

For states that didn't offer open voting during Democratic primary elections, those willing participants were instructed to change their registration to Democrat in order to vote for the weakest candidate. Nobody was really running against Trump, so it was no big deal. They would vote for the weakest Democratic candidate during the primary to artificially elevate him, then they would simply vote for Trump in the general.

At that point Bernie was at 32. Biden, was at 19.
Biden hadn't even bothered to campaign in many states. With some of his campaign offices empty and literally padlocked, he had generated few and sparsely attended events. Speculation was that he would probably drop out before long. Frankly nobody was interested in Biden. His third run for President, he still generated zero excitement.

The South Carolina primary was the test election to see how well the Operation Chaos 2020 plan would work. It was better than their wildest dreams. What was truly amazing however, was that professional journalists didn't bother to do any research. They just attributed Biden's soaring votes (that didn't make the slightest bit of sense) to a miracle, and busily concocted excuses to try to explain it. It was the black vote, it was this, it was that, it was the other...

No, it was the Republicans with Operation Chaos 2020. And they laughed and joked and boasted about their success, and then they kept at it.
The Democrats, who had dusted off the magic electronic vote rigging toys that were used in 2016 now had far more sophisticated tools to work with. They weren't perfect however. You could still see the vote rigging transpire right on your very own computer in real time as votes were siphoned from Bernie's column and moved over to Biden's column or were simply made to disappear, even as you watched.. Steyer's votes too. Everyone's votes got shuffled a bit, just to make it look realistic and have Biden be the winner.

There were a couple more problems though. There were pre-election polls which predicted winners. And of course there were exit polls, which are expected to closely match pre-election polls. Any variation beyond a couple percent is immediately suspect. If it hits 4% the UN would raise red flags and call it rigged elections in banana republics.

Here the original exit polls matched the pre-election projections. But the electronic votes were wildly different. Amazingly Bernie's winning votes appeared to have been transferred to Biden's columns.

So here we had a problem. The easily hacked machines were reporting electronic vote totals which differed hugely from the exit polls. The percentages were eye-popping.

Naturally that required action. So they simply CHANGED the exit poll totals in order to match the computer votes. And they did that in lots and lots and lots of states where Bernie had been expected to win with very high margins. The cheating was so outrageously blatant in state after state that comedian Lee Camp actually did an ENTIRE SHOW on it.

But nobody in a position of power wanted to blow the whistle. Tug on a thread and you have no idea what might happen. You could accidentally expose things that some very powerful people don't want exposed.

So mainstream media journalists who really should have known better, just continued to turn a blind eye to what was happening. They thoughtfully wrote stories attempting to explain where Bernie had gone wrong. They insisted it had been his own faulty strategy. Even as they celebrated how wonderful it was that the miracle of Biden's heaven-sent rise in the polls would dispose of the scary Sanders, (who simply wanted to make the lives of the 99% better) once and for all.

Of course in the meantime, everything Bernie has been proposing as logical began to dawn on the country, Medicare for All, etc. etc. So new articles were written, reflecting golly, maybe he was right after all, and aren't we lucky that we got rid of him.

And still, while nobody had the guts to write the real story, people were looking more closely at Biden and realizing that something was terribly, terribly wrong. "The elevator is stuck between floors," commented one wag.
Now then...

Bernie supporters are all VERY well aware of everything that transpired. They also knew that David Brock's clever 2020 propaganda slogan "Vote Blue No Matter Who" and "Will you vote for the nominee?' seemingly illogically being pushed during the primary instead of the general, was actually a very successful form of mind control. Wash, rinse, repeat. Works every time.

You remember David Brock, don't you? He was paid six million dollars in 2016 by Hillary's campaign to attack Sanders supporters on social media and spread disinformation. In 2019 Brock used the shiny new SuperPAC "Shareblue" and was paid fifteen million dollars by a group of billionaires to do the same exact thing.

The point of the exercise for that " matter who" thing, was to prepare the voting public not to object when presented with a rigged election but to simply accept the corruption and vote for anyone chosen as nominee by the DNC.
The propaganda phrase and follow-up question spread like wildfire on social media. Lemmings, happily leaping off the cliff, shouting in unison, "Vote blue no matter who."

From a P.R. standpoint It was worth far more than fifteen million.

But Bernie supporters, having been through this before, and knowing that Sanders was the ONLY candidate capable of taking votes AWAY from Trump, understood better than anyone how staggeringly short-sighted the DNC's plans were. AGAIN. And how imminently predictable the outcome would be. AGAIN.

And they are pissed. Not angry, you understand. But well and truly pissed. Because what the DNC has done is doom not just everything the people of this country desperately need, they have green-lighted environmental destruction. Biden is the antithesis of Bernie. He sees no reason to stop fracking. He sees no reason to implement Medicare for All, he even announced that he would veto the bill for Medicare for All should one reach his desk. He sees no reason not to go to war. They see no advantage to voting for Biden. He is effectively the Democratic version of Trump. Trump is considered insane, Biden is looking down the barrel of galloping dementia and will do whatever Trump's billionaires tell him to do. The two parties have the same owners.

And so, faced with the loss of the man they considered their brave and honest champion, deliberately crippled by the Democrats, (the political party who assured voters they were on THEIR side) Bernie supporters coldly assessed the landscape and made a decision.

They effectively said to themselves, "Since this is no longer the Land of the Free, I refuse to be a party to your corruption. You will not get all the Trump voters who yearned for Bernie's honesty and were willing to join the Democrats. You will not get the huge Bernie base because we saw what you did. AGAIN."

We are in this nightmarish predicament now because the Democrats rigged the 2016 election. (Oh please, spare me your predictable "it didn't happen" claim. We have a veritable mountain of irrefutable evidence AND ACTUAL POST-ELECTION COURT TRANSCRIPTS of DNC attorneys admitting that yes, in fact it did.)


So there you go.

Will "most Sanders voters" willingly vote for Biden?
NO. No they won't.
Unless Trump's insanity and attacks on the 99% worsen between July and November of 2020.

In which case

They will not be casting their vote FOR Biden.


This has happened on nearly all the states so far. Projected Sanders wins were mystifyingly converted to large Biden wins.

Curiously, exit polls supported the projected Sanders wins.

But with DNC approval, Sanders big leads in exit polls were dismissed
in favor of what clearly appear to be results from hacked voting machines.

The UN always considered this type of thing a red flag, suggesting a rigged election.

Joe Biden was ahead in the primary because
(1) Trump Republicans implemented Operation Chaos 2020 and flooded open primary states to vote for Joe Biden, identified as THE WEAKEST DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE,
(it was Bernie at 32 to Biden’s 19 at that point) in order to elevate Biden's vote count and hand the election to Trump.

Those crossover Republicans who voted for Biden in the Democratic primary are not his supporters. They are voting for Trump in the general.

But that’s not the only reason Biden’s numbers soared.

(2) There was massive voting machine fraud, all benefitting Biden.

Bernie’s votes weren’t the only ones stolen.

Almost all of Tom Steyer’s South Carolina votes (and there were a lot of them) were stolen and added to Biden’s totals.

Exit polls do not correspond to electronic voting machine numbers. ANYWHERE.



And when only comedians like Lee Camp have the guts to address it you know this country is in deep, deep trouble.



Dr. Laura Chamberlain

and discusses CONFIRMED
2016 election fraud.


“The exit poll was subsequently adjusted for conformity with the final computerized vote count.”