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What Happened
to all of the DINOSAURS?

What if
they all came back?

"What happened to all of the dinosaurs?"
wondered Jessica.

Jessica is five years old.

She loves dinosaurs.

She loves Tyrannosaurus Rex. (ter-ran-o-saw-rus)
She loves Brontosaurus. (bront-o-saw-rus)
And, she loves Pteradactyl. (ter-ra-dack-tell)

Both big and small, Jessica just loves dinosaurs.


"But, whatever DID happen to the dinosaurs?",
wondered Jessica.
"Where did they all GO?"

"Did they go to a deserted island to have picnic?"

"Did they all get on a spaceship,
and fly to the moon?"

Did they all go into a deep cave,
to search for buried treasure?"

"Did they all get lost,
and can't find their way back home?"

"If those big dinosaurs came back," thought Jessica,
"What a great help they could be!"

"They could help rescue kittens
stuck in very tall trees."

"They could help the firefighters
put out fires on top of tall skyscrapers."

"The could help astronauts get into their rocketships"

"They could help pick the best apples
from the top of tall trees."

"And, they could straighten out the flag
if it got wrapped around the flagpole."

"Just where DID all those dinosaurs go?"
wondered Jessica.

"And, what if they all came back?."

"I guess for now...
I'll just keep reading about dinosaurs."

"And I'll wait for them all to come back."


What Happened
to all of the DINOSAURS?

What if they all came back?

by Geary Smith - Copyright 1998 - All Rights Reserved


About the Author: Geary Smith has a B.S. Psychology from Morehouse College and M. Ed from Stephen F. Austin State University. His work has appeared in such venues as Highlights for Children, Child Life, McGraw-Hill, Viatouch and numerous other publications. Currently, he is working as a QDDP Coordinator at Mexia State Supported Living Center, and is an Assistant Minister, Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotist. Owner/CEO of GLS Health and Longevity,, send email to Geary Smith He also has Contacts on Facebook and Twitter.

About the Illustrators:
Jessica: is by multi-talented Bedtime-Story Illustrator Jeff Meyers
Dinosaur borders by: Pats Web Graphics -


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