Summerland is an engineering firm whose product team includes aerospace, automotive, and NASA mechanical, electrical and systems engineers, woodworking craftspeople, metal fabrication, material experts, and motor specialists. We design, engineer, and through a network of highly qualified licensed manufacturers, produce innovative, patented, award-winning computer furnishings and superior LIFT mechanisms.

We developed our patented lift products because we needed them ourselves. Shown at right is our CEO model of The OFFICE™. It is equipped with electric Monitor Lift with MIGA/BIB control.

MIGA/BIB stands for for Make It Go Away/Bring It Back.

With a touch of a switch, the user makes the computer monitor disappear into a concealed, secure storage compartment. Touch the switch again and bring the monitor back. The lift can be stopped or started at any point. This gives the monitor infinite height adjustment for ideal viewing comfort.

Our 72" wide, 77" tall CEO model computer armoire is mobile on demand. That's because it has been equipped with three strategically placed Summerland patented Lift & Roll™ caster system.

The fully equipped CEO, weighing more than 800 pounds, can be elevated, rolled to a new location by a single, average size male or female, with little more than a flick of the wrist. Only eight pounds of effort is needed to raise the Lift & Roll. Each Lift & Roll unit measures 4 1/2" square x 22 1/2" long, and has a lift load capacity of 250 kG (550 Lbs.).

Summerland's ground-breaking, fully wired, electro-entopic computer armoire, TheOFFICE™, equipped with Summerland's patented Lift & Roll™ mechanism and Summerlift™, captured International Grand Prize at NeoCon, the World's Trade Fair for Interior Design, Facilities Managment & Communications.

Summerland introduced convertible media furnishings with The Learning Station™ and POP-UP TV™, and captured its second International Grand Prize at NeoCon.

Ergonomic and dual-purpose, The Learning Station™ convertible computer desk for schools (shown below), features Summerlift™ installed in a below-desk lift position.

The Learning Station™ (one model even seats 2 for dinner) is just one of an unlimited number of products for which Summerlift™ can fill a need, or solve a problem. Automatically lift, lower, swivel or conceal monitors, televisions, projectors, appliances, equipment, and cabinetry, using standard controls or optional remote control.

Significantly superior in performance and ease of installation to scissors and rack and pinion lifts, the 12 volt, patented, four-point lift Summerlift™ is self-contained, practical, reliable, dependable, Quiet, and reasonably priced.

We not only make the world's best lifts, we use them.

We understand lifting and lowering.

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