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Since Its Debut in 1996 -
Bedtime-Story has functioned as a cooperative effort, giving talented authors and illustrators, both published and unpublished, the opportunity to familiarize traditional publishers, as well as the parents of young readers, with the quality of their creative work.

Bedtime-Story is designed to encourage literary and artistic creativity. We mentor, and provide editing as well as encouragement, to talented authors and artists whose works will undoubtedly influence young minds. We support and encourage a strong parent-child relationship. We select works for publication that are judged to be as entertaining for the adult as they are for the child, with the intent of fostering a positive shared experience that will remain in the child's memory for years to come.

Besides, we like to read the stories ourselves...

Stories Accepted For Inclusion Receive prominant exposure along with a short bio of the author/illustrator, live contact e-mail link, (and, if the book is in print, a hyperlink to the book's purchasing location*).

A Word About Qualifications for Submission Acceptance. Bedtime-Story requires its authors to think their stories through. Plots must make sense. Rules of basic grammar must be applied. Writing is expected to be cohesive, with the train of thought flowing smoothly from one paragraph to the next.

And because many of the tales are read as Bedtime-Stories, we request satisfying endings, which encourage pleasant dreams.

Lastly, the tale must be as pleasant for the adult to read as it is for the child to hear.

Before submitting, please read the Editing page.


Illustrators requesting inclusion of their works will encounter similarly high expectations. At Bedtime-Story, illustrations are expected to not only compliment, but to concur with the story line. Characters and scenes should be portrayed as originally envisioned and intended by each Author. The world's best illustrators take the time to not only read a story, but to make themselves aware of subtle details and portray them accurately. We consider this the mark of a professional.

Bedtime-Story is unable to accept tales which appear in other online story collections. Illustrated tales featured on Bedtime-Story appear exclusively on this story site.

All of which helps explains why Bedtime-Story is considered the web's premiere children's story site.

When a representative work is accepted for online publication by Bedtime-Story, the qualifications of the submitting author or illustrator have been taken very seriously. If your work is as yet unpublished, our editors will work with you to make sure your work represents some of the best you are capable of producing. After all, your work is going to be seen by a lot of people, and the calibre of stories we publish reflects not only the quality of your workmanship, but ours as well.  


Providing a no cost means for talented Illustrators to showcase samples of their work, Bedtime-Story can accept illustrations transmitted electronically in .jpg format, or if you already have a web site, we can capture images you've uploaded there.

We've got a steady stream of new stories----so please tell us what type of tales your talents lend themselves to---realistic adults or children, (such as work by Jonda Eicher, Gilbert Young, or Pamela Benjamin), comic or storybook figures, such as those by the multi-talented Jeff Meyers, who illustrated stories about Goggle and Gilbert Henry, Dennis Cox of Dad Didn't Get It and The Inventor, Stephen Sheen of Perhaps, or illustrations such as those by the imaginative Cindy Remmers who illustrated the tale The King and The Cricket along with the "No Monsters!" image seen above.

See a tale which says "Illustrations Courtesy of Bedtime-Story"? This simply means there are interim illustrations in place and the tale is available if you wish to use it as an illustrator portfolio page. Tales such as Tommy and The Emperor have been illustrated by a Bedtime-Story staff illustrator whose work has in some cases, been augmented by clip art and animations. An Adventure For Tom and John, on the other hand, did not use the staff illustrator, but employs a creatively effective collection of animations and clip art. Either way, our intent is to get the author's tale online as quickly as possible.

A tale will normally have gone through the editing process before being released to an illustrator, but since we had one which was requested even before even the editing process began, we preserved the unedited submission along with the interim illustrations, to give you an opportunity to look behind the scenes.

The Pig Who Wanted To Fly

PigFly BEFORE Editing but with Interim Illustrations in place.

PigFly AFTER Editing, and now part of Illustrator Dennis Cox's portfolio

Got something special in mind for story illustration? By all means, show us!
But please do pay attention to interim illustrations, because that's likely to be the general style we're looking for on that particular tale.

New opportunities for unused illustrations: Have you ever prepared illustrations for a children's book project which never got off the ground? Are the illustrations gathering dust? Was the story a good one? If so, refer the author here. If the illustrations were top notch but there's no longer a connection with the author, let us take a look. There's an excellent possibility a tale can be created to showcase your existing illustrations.

Here's what to do. First, drop us a line and tell us a bit about yourself. If you have a web page, give us the URL so that we can take a look at some of your work. If you're without a page and would like to send us a sample instead, terrific! But FIRST please request permission to submit it, telling us the file size, and then do make sure your graphics file is in either .gif or .jpg format.



Stories submitted to Bedtime-Story may be any topic, but should generally adhere to the following Bedtime-Story guidelines;


AGE GROUP: The parent should enjoy the story as much as the child. We think this guideline may be of particular importance. Grown-ups have short attention spans, you know. Gear towards a mixed age audience if you will please, say.... around age 6 on upwards to oh, maybe...CEO, or Chairman of the Board or thereabouts.

CONTENT: Whimsical, Magical, Adventurous, Humorous or Imaginative, it's your choice. Just as long as the story leaves the child with pleasant dreams.


How are your writing skills? A little rusty? Well, an awful lot of people are going to be reading your work. Here's a handy page that you might want to bookmark. Let it act as a quick reference sheet. Quick and Simple English Resources- Spelling, Grammar, Conjunctions, it even has handy tips on often mispronounced words. WRITERS BLOCK.


(1) FORM: Please simply cut and paste the text of your story into an e-mail and send it to us.


"I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the requirements for inclusion as specified on the Bedtime-Story.com SUBMISSION INSTRUCTION page. If my submission should be selected, I grant permission for its inclusion."

(2) DON'T FORGET: Provide Bedtime-Story with your complete contact information for our offline files--(i.e.-phone,email,address). If your story is selected for inclusion, prior to publication we strongly recommend that you obtain and begin to use a contact e-mail address which is not going to be subject to change!

(3) Authors/Illustrators BIO: Using the "About The Author" information which appears after The Ragdoll as a rough guide as to format, please provide Bedtime-Story with background information about yourself.

*UNLIKELY OCCURRANCES WHICH COULD AFFECT A COMPLIMENTARY PURCHASE LINK: IF an author requests, accepts, and approves a complete set of illustrations prepared by the Illustrator whose bio is featured adjacent to the Author on the story page --(A "complete set" is not to be confused with two to three "representative" illustrations, or with "Interim" Illustrations), and the Author subsequently wishes to publish the book without incorporating the illustrations which contributed to the popularity of the tale, Bedtime-Story is unlikely to offer a Complimentary Author/Purchase link.



Well, you already know you've got a lot of competition. There are thousands of aspiring writers and illustrators, just like you. The level of talent among your competitors can range from extremely to not very. The thing is, authors and illustrators are all competing for the attention of the very same reviewers.

Piles and piles of manuscripts arrive at the offices of traditional publishers every day. Manuscripts good and bad alike, are tossed into big wheeled bins of incoming mail as they are readied for random distribution to the already overflowing inboxes of professional reviewers.

The goal for the reviewer of course, is to quickly skim through the daily pile, a keen eye often according no more than a cursory glance at a manuscript, as the reviewer diligently pans for that one gleam of pure gold which flashes Marketable!

There's more than the publishers bottom line at stake in this search. The reviewers professional career and continued employment depends on consistently making the right choice for the company. Oh occasionally, as with anything, the game of who you know comes into play. Manuscripts do bypass the pile. And occasionally, fair or not, a recognizable "name," may hold greater influence than talent when it comes to the final decision-making process. Would "Budgie the Helicopter" have made it to print if the author had been you instead of the Duchess of York? Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not.

Traditional publishers don't have time to do extensive editing and hand-holding. What you send is what you're judged on. If your tale is not ready for prime time, in most cases you'll have blown your chance for fame.


Have You SELF-PUBLISHED? When you couldn't catch the attention of a traditional publisher, perhaps you went ahead and published your tale yourself. There are boxes of books in the spare bedroom, and you're left wondering "Now What?"

Not to worry. Stories selected for featuring on Bedtime-Story are provided with a Courtesy Purchase Link* which may be pointed towards Amazon, or similar, OR, if preferred, to your (safe-surf) personal or business web site(s) from which your featured book may be purchased. Want an example? Click on The Boy Under The Bed )

Bedtime-Story offers talented Authors and Illustrators the means to get representative samples of their work in front of the decision-making public, and to independently publicize and market their published books online, at no cost.


While there's no such animal as a "sure thing," an advance submission to Bedtime-Story gives an author significantly better odds towards your book publication.

Like the traditional publishing houses, Bedtime-Story reviews submissions with an eye towards marketability. But unlike traditional publishing houses, if a submitted tale or an illustration has potential, yet still needs work, instead of simply rejecting it without comment, our reviewers will take the time to mentor the Author and Illustrator, explaining exactly what modifications could be used to earn the submission a second look for inclusion on Bedtime-Story.

Tales which are accepted for publication at Bedtime-Story are submitted to an author and illustrator's toughest critics, the reading public.

As a result, an Author, and the self-publishing firm to whom the work may yet be submitted, are both better able to make an informed decision as to whether or not the tale should (or would) be considered for publication in book form, based on the contents and quantity of the Author's fan mail. If you choose to publish it yourself (or if a traditional publisher decides to publish the sequal to your popular first book) Bedtime-Story, will, at no charge to you, add a link, directing potential purchasers to either your own website, or to your hard-copy publishers website, or to Amazon (or similar), whichever of the three options you specify so that your fans may purchase the hard-copy version of your tale. We offer the same courtesy to Illustrators who may want to offer their fans framed prints of their Bedtime-Story illustrations.

Bedtime-Story provides Authors with the ideal venue from which to assess true marketing potential of a tale. Every story is displayed with either interim or professional illustrations. This offers a reviewer the best possible vantage point from which to assess the strength of an authors impact on readers. There is no charge to the author.

Bedtime-Story gives Illustrators the means to brochure their talent in the best possible environment, that of well-written, Best of the Web caliber tales which both showcase and compliment their artwork. There is no charge to the illustrator.

Bedtime-Story offers decison-makers the means to properly assess an illustrator's full range of artistic expertise. It invites them to view sample images in the context of entertaining short stories. The viewer-friendly format permits an immediate determination as to whether the work of the illustrator might be best suited for single images (book covers, posters, etc.) or if the artist possesses that unique ability to maintain the same character appearance throughout a series of images, thus becoming an ideal candidate for a book illustration contract. Since stories are grouped both by category; (pets, bears, friendly monsters, dragons, etc.) and alphabetically, listed by Author and Illustrator last names, the viewer can quickly locate all samples of the illustrators work, or quickly find a selection of "like-kind" images to consider. There is no charge to the art buyer.

EDITING - Professional editing for children's stories accepted for inclusion is performed at no charge to Author.


COPYRIGHTS - Copyrights will remain the property of each Author/Illustrator.

PERMISSIONS - Permissions for exclusive Bedtime-Story website publishing, and reprints of excerpts of submitted works in conjunction with Educational Publications are automatically granted by each Author/Illustrator. Permissions are granted in exchange for FREE professional mentoring and editing, and NO CHARGE showcasing of each of the samples of the Author or Illustrator's work which have been submitted and subsequently accepted for inclusion.

Please note that Bedtime-Story will not accept tales which have been submitted to other sites.

Inclusion on the Award-Winning Bedtime-Story.com website is a distinction granted only to authors who write WELL.

Your talent will have been judged exceptional, and it deserves to be showcased in the company of similarly well qualified Artists and Illustrators.


CONTACT DIFFICULTIES?: If you have sent an e-mail to Bedtime-Story and have not heard back from us, there may be a problem with the e-mail return address shown on your message and we have no other way to contact you. We do our best to reply to messages within 48 hours of the day they are received, but sometimes we're simply swamped with requests. Please verify that you have typed your own e-mail address correctly, give additional contact info in the body of the message (just to be on the safe side), and re-send your inquiry. Thanks!

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